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Advance in Acupuncture with Bioelectricity Zobacz większe

Advance in Acupuncture with Bioelectricity

Autor: Dr. Marc Piquemal

Wydawnictwo: Sedatelec

Liczba stron: 122

Oprawa: Miękka

Język wydania: angielski

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Opis książki

"In this book something floats, ether and subtle, product of intuition and at te same time, of inference and observations. And as the Acupuncture point is not just an anatomo-functional individuality, with a measurable electrical behaviour, but it is something more, a gate to momething deeper, which leads information from deepness to the surface and vice versa. Its study will take us far beyond and in the future it would surely be a starting point from now on, for an expert in acupuncture." - Rafael Cobos Romana, President of the Medical Acupuncture Society Spain

This book: "Advance in Acupuncture with Bioelectricity" presents us a new challenge: the understanding of energetic mechanism of curing through acupuncture by means of its discovery and quantifications. It is an open door to what medicine would be in the third millennium, if we colud join and combine Occident and Orient thoughts.



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