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Face Reading in Chinese Medicine
  • Face Reading in Chinese Medicine
  • Face Reading in Chinese Medicine
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Face Reading in Chinese Medicine

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Autor: Lillian Bridges

Wydawnictwo: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

Rok wydania: 2012

Liczba stron: 308

Oprawa: Twarda

Kod produktu: A25
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Opis książki

Face reading has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries, and Proffesor Lillian Bridges is a popular academic and international lecturer on the subject who gained her fascinating knowledge through her family line of Master Face Readers in China.

Based on an understanding of the shapes, markings and features of a face, practitioners can learn about the health and life of patient relating to the principles of Chinese medicine. In addition to understanding how the body's internal functions - physical, psychological and emotional - can be seen on a face, practitioners can also learn how to ealuate Shen to umderstand non-verbal expressions.

Technical and detailed information is presented in an upbeat, insightful an highly readable manner. This was the first book to focus on the deeper aspects of face reading and diagnosis; and this new edition includes ancient Taoist knowledge regarding the Original Face and Facial Jing and Qi markers which have previously only been taught through the oral tradition.

O autorze

Lillian Pearl Bridges is considered the world's leading authority on Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis and she is credited for reintroducing the study and application of this ancient Taoist knowledge to the field of Chinese medicine and introducing it to Western medicine and business. Founder of the Lotus Institute, she trains students in her certificate program and travels internationally to speak and teach at universities, colleges, conferences and symposiums. She also consults with major corporations about the Universal Language of the Face. Learning face reading, Five Elements theory and Taoist philosophy by apprenticing with her Chinese mother's family, Lillian has spent over 25 years correlating ancient knowledge with Western studies in psychology and medicine.

Spis treści

Part I: The Changing Face

  1. The Original Face
  2. The Facial Maps

Part II: The Five Elements of The Face

  1. The Facial Mosaic
  2. The Water Features and Traits
  3. The Wood Features and Traits
  4. The Fire Features and Traits
  5. The Earth Features and Traits
  6. The Metal Features and Traits

Part III: The Universal Language of The Face

  1. Signs from the Shen
  2. Facial Diagnosis
  3. Conclusion
  4. Appendix
  5. Index
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