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The Way of The Five Elements
  • The Way of The Five Elements
  • The Way of The Five Elements
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The Way of The Five Elements

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Autor: John Kirkwood

Wydawnictwo: Singing Dragon

Rok wydania: 2018

Liczba stron: 312

Oprawa: Miękka

Kod produktu: A23
Producent:Singing Dragon
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Opis książki

Introducing a key acupoint for each week of the year, this book is a gateway to the mysterious world of Chinese medical thought. The author journeys through the seasons of the year, and the five elements that make up the Chinese universe, looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual associations of the most useful acupoints associated with each element. Exploring the deeper meaning of the name, function, and healing use of each acupoint, he shows how to use the acupoint in real life, and explains its practical benefits for the reader, which vary from sharpening a sense of smell, avoiding jetlag, curing a headache, to improving a good sense of humour.

O autorze

John Kirkwood has been working, living and playing with the Five Elements for over 30 years, first as a practitioner and teacher of Jin Shin Do Acupressure, later as a graduate of the SOPHIA program of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute of Maryland, and now as a practitioner and teacher of Five Element Acupressure.

Spis treści

Landscape of the Five Elements

  1. How to use this book
  2. The Five Element model
  3. Principle of resonance
  4. Acupoints


  1. The nature of Water
  2. Resonances of Water
  3. Power source point
  4. Regeneration mountain
  5. Two extraordinary points
  6. Lumba-go
  7. Fire of the gate of life
  8. My Achilles is killing me
  9. Bubbling spring
  10. Holding up the heavens
  11. Resurrecting spirit
  12. The spirit of Water
  13. Waking from hibernation
  14. Transition from Water to Wood


  1. The nature of Wood
  2. Resonances of Wood
  3. Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver
  4. How flexible are you?
  5. Keep your shoulder well
  6. Neck release
  7. Gate of hope
  8. Tears of frustration
  9. Surviving the spring wind invasion
  10. Jump up and touch the sky
  11. The spirit of Wood
  12. Wood feeds Fire
  13. Transition from Wood to Fire


  1. The nature of Fire
  2. Resonances of Fire
  3. Mind your heart
  4. Choosing wisely
  5. Steady as she goes
  6. Guarding the frontier
  7. Light my fire!
  8. Stairway to heaven
  9. A dyslexic guy walks into a bar
  10. Shrugging off shoulder pain
  11. All you need is love
  12. Healing trauma
  13. The spirit of Fire
  14. Transition from Fire to Earth


  1. The nature of Earth
  2. Resonances of Earth
  3. An army marches on its Stomach 36
  4. Transpoert yourself
  5. Happiness is full tummy
  6. Master of the seas
  7. One for all, all for one
  8. Receiving line
  9. And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core
  10. Return to centre
  11. Mother's embarace
  12. The spirit of Earth
  13. Transition from Earth to Metal


  1. The nature of Metal
  2. Resonances of Metal
  3. The breath of heaven
  4. Letting go of letting go
  5. Catching a breath, reaching the depth
  6. Anyone for tennis elbow?
  7. Battle of the bulge
  8. A fork i the road
  9. Point of the shoulder
  10. Smell the roses
  11. Skylights
  12. The spirit of Metal
  13. Transition from Metal to Water

Going Further

  1. Journaling
  2. Gardening
  3. Hiking
  4. Art
  5. More acupoints
  6. Resources
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