Diagnosis in Chinese medicine - A Comprehensive Guide
  • Diagnosis in Chinese medicine - A Comprehensive Guide
  • Diagnosis in Chinese medicine - A Comprehensive Guide
  • Diagnosis in Chinese medicine - A Comprehensive Guide
  • Diagnosis in Chinese medicine - A Comprehensive Guide
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Diagnosis in Chinese medicine - A Comprehensive Guide

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Autor: Giovanni Maciocia

Wydawnictwo: Elsevier

Rok wydania: 2019

Liczba stron: 1078

Oprawa: Twarda

Kod produktu: A21
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Opis książki

A detailed, clinical look at Chinese medicine.

Wrtten by world-renowned author and teacher, Giovanni Maciocia, this comprehensive, highly illustrated, and easy-to-understand resource helps students and practitioners alike carefully interpret a range of diagnosticnuances. This new edition adresses the ractice beyond the theory with:

New! Clinical and Treatmnts notes provide practical information on acupuncture - including herbal treatment, when appropriate - for most symptoms and signs, giving the book a clinical application in therapy.

New! UPDATED full-color design and color photographs depit external clinical signs for more accurate clinical recognition.

New! Learning Outcomes summarize the basics that you should konow after completing a chapter.

New! Thoroughly updated content from an expert author clarifies the best practices for diagnosisi in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Spis treści

Part 1: Diagnosis by observation
Section 1: Observation of the body, mind and complexion

  1. Observation of the body shape. physique and demeanour
  2. Observation of the mind, spirit and emotions
  3. Observation of complexion colour
  4. Observation of body movements

Section 2: Parts of the body

  1. Observation of head, face and hair
  2. Observation of the eyes
  3. Observation of the nose
  4. Observation of lips, mouth, palate, teeth, gums and philtrum
  5. Observation of the ears
  6. Observation of throa and neck
  7. Observation of the back
  8. Observation of female breasts
  9. Observation of the heartbeat
  10. Observation of the hands
  11. Observation of the nails
  12. Observation of the chest and abdomen
  13. Observation of the genitalia
  14. Observation of the four limbs
  15. Observation of the legs
  16. Observation of the excretions
  17. Observation of the skin
  18. Observation of children

Section 3: Tongue diagnosis

  1. Tongue diagnosis
  2. Tongue-body colour
  3. Tongue body shape
  4. Tongue coating
  5. Tongue images and patterns

Part 2: Diagnosis by interrogation

  1. Introduction
  2. Pain
  3. Stools and urine
  4. Thirst and drink
  5. Energy Levels
  6. Head
  7. Face
  8. Throat and neck
  9. Body
  10. Chest and abdomen
  11. Limbs
  12. Sleep
  13. Sweating
  14. Ears nad eyes
  15. Feeling of cold, feeling of heat and fever
  16. Mental-emotional symptoms
  17. Sexual symptoms
  18. Women's symptoms
  19. Children's symptoms

Part 3: Diagnosis by palpation

  1. Puls diagnosis
  2. Pulse qualities
  3. Palpation of parts of the body
  4. Palpation of channels

Part 4: Diagnosis by hearing and smelling

  1. Diagnosis by hearing
  2. Diagnosis by smelling

Part 5: Symptoms and signs
Section 1

  1. Head and face
  2. Face colour
  3. Ears
  4. Nose
  5. Throat
  6. Mouth, tongue teeth, gums, lips, palate and philtrum
  7. Eyes
  8. Neck, shoulders and upper back
  9. Chest
  10. Limbs
  11. Arms
  12. Legs
  13. Lowe back
  14. Body
  15. Digestive system and taste
  16. Thirst and drink
  17. Abdomen
  18. Defecation
  19. Urination
  20. Men's sexual and genital symptoms
  21. Sweating
  22. Skin signs
  23. Emotional symptoms
  24. Mental and emotional symptoms
  25. Sleep
  26. Feeling cold, feeling of heat, fever
  27. Voice, speech and sounds

Section 2: Gynaecological symptoms and signs

  1. Menstrual symptoms
  2. Problems at period time
  3. Problems of pregnancy
  4. Problems after childbirth
  5. Breast signs
  6. Miscellaneous gynaecological symptoms

Section 3: Paediatric symptoms and signs

Children's problems

Part 6: Identification of patterns

  1. Heart patterns
  2. Spleen patterns
  3. Liver patterns
  4. Lung Patterns
  5. Kidney patterns
  6. Small intestine patterns
  7. Stomach patterns
  8. Gall-bladder patterns
  9. Large intestine patterns

Bladder patterns

Appendix 1: Case histories

Appendix 2: Prescriptions

Appendix 3: History of diagnosis in chinese medicine

Appendix 4: The classics of chinese medicine

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