Obstetrics and gynecology in Chinese Medicine
  • Obstetrics and gynecology in Chinese Medicine
  • Obstetrics and gynecology in Chinese Medicine
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Obstetrics and gynecology in Chinese Medicine

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Autor: Giovanni Maciocia

Wydawnictwo: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

Rok wydania: 2017

Liczba stron: 1068

Oprawa: Twarda

Kod produktu: A24
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Opis książki

New edition of the most comprehensive Chinese Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology textbook in the English language.

World-renowned author and teacher Giovanni Maciocia gives a clear, detailed explanation of the physiology, pathology and aetiology of womens disorders in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and adapts these to Western conditions and patients.

Seventy gynecological conditions are discussed in detail with consideration given to differentiation between conditions, the advised treatment using acupuncture and herbs, prevention and prognosis. Guidelines on lifestyle and use of the eight Extraordinary Vessels are provided, with case studies allowing easy application of theory to practice throughout.

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Section 1: Physiology and Pathology

  1. History of Gynecology in Chinese Medicine
  2. Women's Physiology
  3. Women's Pathology

Section 2: Aetiology and Diagnosis

  1. Aetiology
  2. Diagnosis

Section 3: Methods of Treatment

  1. Principles and Methods of Treatment
  2. Treatment of the Extraordinary vessels

Section 4: Menstrual Irregularities

  1. Early Periods
  2. Late Periods
  3. Irregular Periods
  4. Heavy Periods
  5. Scanty Periods
  6. Long Periods
  7. Painful Periods
  8. Bleeding Berween Periods
  9. No Periods
  10. Flooding and Trickling
  11. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Section 5: Problems at Period Time

  1. Pre-Menstrual Breast Distension
  2. Headaches During Periods
  3. Oedema During Periods
  4. Diarrhoea at Period Time
  5. Body Aches at Period Time
  6. Fever at Period Time
  7. Epistaxis or Haemoptysis at Period Time
  8. Mouth Ulcers at Period Time
  9. Skin Eruptions at Period Time
  10. Dizziness at Period Time

Section 6: Diseases of Pregnancy

  1. Morning Sickness
  2. Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy
  3. Threatened Miscarriage
  4. Fetus Not Growing
  5. Oedema During Pregnancy
  6. Anxiety During Preagnancy
  7. Dizziness During Preagnancy
  8. Convulsions During Preagnancy
  9. Feeling of Suffocation During Preagnancy
  10. Aphonia During Pregnancy
  11. Cough During Preagnancy
  12. Urinary Syndrome During Preagnancy
  13. Retention of Urine During Preagnancy
  14. Constipation During Preagnancy
  15.  Habitual Miscarriage
  16. Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment in Midwifery

Section 7: Diseases After Childbirth

  1. Post-Natal Depression
  2. Abdominal Pain After Childbirth
  3. Persistent Lochial Discharge (and Retention of Lochia)
  4. Urinary Difficulty After Childbirth
  5. Sweating After Childbirth
  6. Constipation and Haemorrhoids After Childbirth
  7. Fever After Childbirth
  8. Joint Pain After Childbirth
  9. Breast Milk Not Flowing (and Acute Mastitis)
  10. Spontaneous Flow of Milk
  11. Collapse After Childbirth
  12. Convulsions After Childbirth

Section 8: Miscellaneous Diseases

  1. Infertility
  2. Menopausal Syndrome
  3. Breast Lumps
  4. Abdominal Masses
  5. Excessive Vaginal Discharge
  6. Vaginal Itching (and Trichomonas and Candida Infections and Genital Eczema)
  7. Prolapse of the Uterus
  8. Vulvar Sores
  9. Endometriosis
  10. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  11. Myoma
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